Has the State of Michigan Screwed You?

Has the State of Michigan screwed you with a new law? If you're a pensioner, union member, municipal employee, wolf preservationist, grocery shopper, or Democrat, they probably have. Don't believe it? Here are examples:

The common thread for all of you was that the State attached an appropriation to each of those laws, making them unable to be challenged with a referendum.

Next in the crosshairs of the state legislators are school teachers. They've already started with a law authorizing the dissolving of small school districts.

If you're in that list above, you need to take action to prevent the State from doing it to you again, because you know they will. How can you take action?

  • You can help circulate petitions to get rid of the State's ability to pass laws you can't challenge.
  • You can get a message to the leadership of your employee/retiree organization that they should be helping to organize the work of circulating these petitions.
  • And you can share your concerns by passing this message on to those around you who are also affected.

Our organization, Voters for Fair Use of Ballot Referendum, or "Voters FUBR" for short, was created this year to get a proposal onto 2014's ballot to get rid of the state's ability to pass "referendum-proof" laws. We need at least 325,000 signatures. To get that we need at least 3,000 regular people like yourselves to get 100 to 200 signatures each from your friends, relatives and workmates.

Here's how to get involved.
On the web:
- Click on the "Contact/Volunteer" link above to sign up or ask questions. Click on the "Donate" link to help pay for office supplies and postage. (No one is paid for their work on this project, including the founder.)
- See our Facebook page. Like us. Share us.
Via e-mail:
- Send any questions to info@votersfubr.org.
- Persuade your employee/retiree organization that a little bit of organizing and publicity help now will go a long way toward protecting its members' rights down the road. Ask them to contact us.