Union Members Screwed

Union members generally don't need anyone to show them examples of how the state government is screwing them. Practically everything that comes out of Lansing or is proposed there is either a blatant or subtle attack on organized labor.

Right-to-Work, Emergency Manager, and state redistricting were all laws that were passed to diminish the rights, pay, and benefits of blue-collar and public sector employees. All of those were passed with meaningless appropriations included in them so as to prevent citizens from using a referendum to challenge them.

Now they're going after education. Every current proposal dealing with education in the legislature will have the effect of reducing teacher pay and teachers union membership in the future, not because that's good for educational outcomes, but because teachers have a long history of being more liberal than the current roster of state politicians.

One might say that it's the politicians' right to pass laws that the majority feel are appropriate. That's fine, but don't use the gimmick of a spending measure to insulate such laws from the citizens' right to challenge them.

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