No-Fault Insurance Changes Could Be Shielded From Referendum

New legislation (SB 248) on changes to catastrophic medical claims reimbursement that's working its way through the Michigan legislature has an "Easter egg" in it: a $150,000 appropriation for a new employee to write a report.

It's obvious that this appropriation is a cynical attempt to shield the law, if it's passed, from referendum. The sponsors could claim all they want that it's legitimate, but they'd be lying.

If you don't want your elected representatives passing laws that might be rejected by Michigan voters, but then stealing the right of referendum away from you, then call your representative and ask them to make a public stink about it.

If another string of these laws come through like they did in 2012, you'll need to use your influence with larger good-government organizations to get them to support our constitutional amendment to stop this practice.

-- Bill Lucas
Founder, Voters FUBR