When Will People Say "Enough"?

Senate Bill 0013 (2015) would eliminate "straight ticket" voting in Michigan. Whether you vote Republican or Democratic, you would lose the ability to pull one lever or darken one oval and vote for all the candidates of your preferred party. The bill contains a $5 million appropriation for "voting equipment to implement the elimination of straight party ticket voting", even though it's the ballots, not the machine, that would change.

This bill has passed both the Senate and House, but has been sent back to the Senate with another bill "tie-barred" to it, one that would allow for "no reason" absentee ballot provision.

If it passes and is signed into law, the appropriation it contains would prevent citizens from challenging this law through referendum.

I'm not sure where the tolerance limit is for defenders of individual voting rights. One would think that eventually the groups whose rights are being denied by Lansing would act to eliminate one of the primary methods by which those rights are denied. But what to we hear? Crickets.

A campaign for elimination of referendum-proof laws would be inexpensive compared to many of the other petition campaigns that have been tried in recent years. Political commentators have already chimed in with approval of Voters FUBR's amendment. Opposition to it would be predictable, but the "common sense" factor and the fact that its effects would be non-partisan over the long haul would win out. All it needs is some organization with people and/or money to step forward and say they want to back it. Heck, Voters FUBR might just gives them the keys and say, "Here, it's yours."

Or, they can continue to wring their hands and complain about Lansing.

Bill Lucas -- Voters FUBR